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Guild Rules

• Mind the rules and guidelines set per your interest. If you're on the raid team or apart of PvP, keep in mind that there are additional guidelines to follow.

• Be friendly, if not respectful to your guild mates. Everyone comes from different circumstances so it's important to keep that in mind when talking or playing with other members of the guild.

• Bullying or harassment will not be tolerated in any shape or form. Zero tolerance in these instances will be enforced that results in immediate removal from the guild after a small investigation is made.

• Trolling in Trade/Public chat is considered bullying and harassment and falls under the Warrior Sanctum's zero tolerance policy. Any toons caught or reported for malicious activity will be immediately removed.

• Remain active! If there will be a time in which you'll be on hiatus or leaving the game, let us know! Casually played toons inactive for 6+ months will be removed from the guild, unless otherwise worked out privately with a GM or Officer. Raid members are expected to have activity lapses of no more than 6 days. LFR's, Legendary quests, etc., should be completed weekly to maintain gear requirements.

• If there are any complaints, questions or concerns that need voicing, please bring them to an Officer or Guild Master's attention. They can and will be handled privately with as much discretion as possible.

• If there are any issues with a Guild Master or Officer there should be plenty of staff available to work with someone other than the GM or Officer you've worked with.

• Spreading rumors, misinformation or gossiping with malicious intent to harm the reputation of the guild or its members falls under Warrior Sanctum's zero tolerance policy. Members found muckraking will be immediately removed.