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Warrior Sanctum was founded in May of 2015, and while this may not seem all that long ago, for some of the founding members, it's been a long, arduous trek to get to where we are today. Our great staff of officers are the beating heart of Warrior Sanctum (as cliche as that is to say) and are the reason you look around and have guild mates and events and people you can count on.

If you're used to a guild where officers are just a way for GM's to play favorites, think again when becoming a part of the Warrior Sanctum family. While everyone here is friendly and helpful, our officers always make it a point to go above and beyond for the guild and its members.

So if you're in need of some help or advice, or maybe an enchant or run through of some LFR's, if you see an officer on, give them a shout and we can guarantee they'll help out as best they can. That's the Warrior Sanctum way.

Alts include: Edgasken - Waraan - Thordray - Dolonoraan - (and so many others that Astrid cannot bear to remember them all)...

-- This is just half of the GM pie. Dolo's interests in raiding and PvP started him down the venture to create Warrior Sanctum. Chances are, you'll think he's not on, but he's just on one of his very many, many alts.

Alts include: Tibby - Persephóne - Katethi - Trinity - Tink - Sophie

-- This is the other half of the GM pie. (Hi there, I'm Astrid and currently typing this all for your awesome benefit). I'm known to ramble so I'll (try) to keep it short. Most likely, you know me, was recruited by me, or in some shape or form was harassed by me (in a good way) in an effort to befriend you. (: I see everyone in Warrior Sanctum as my darlings and guard everyone fiercely should an elitist pug rise its nasty head during a raid. I'm around when I'm not in school or work or hounding Dolo about something that needs doing. I also do most (all) of the work on this beautiful website before you so if there's anything that needs fixing just come to me! Don't be afraid to ever say hello, I'm weird and random and love recruiting for this awesome guild that's grown to be my family.

Alts include: Zero

-- Hello Friends O/
Or at least, that's what Telphi would say if he were the one writing this. Which he's not. Because although he's a Warrior Sanctum officer, he's also the world's largest potato. Honestly. He could definitely win a state fair.
All starchy jokes aside, Telphi is an officer at WS because he earned it through his dedication to its members and wanting to see the guild be sucessful as a whole. He's often found helping any members that need help with running end-game content or just being overall friendly in guild chat.
Needless to say, if Astrid and Dolo aren't around, you'd be safe in Telphi's hands. That is, if potato's could have hands.