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About Us

    Warrior Sanctum is a guild that seeks and accepts players and toons of all shapes and sizes! Tired of being in guilds full of cliques and egos, or worse, zero active members? So are we!

    Warrior Sanctum is a guild based on housing a friendly, helpful atmosphere for its mature, awesome players and encourages anyone from any level of experience or background to join. We have a zero tolerance policy here on any form of discrimination that results in immediate guild removal so members can feel safe from prejudice. This includes bullying and harassment of inexperienced or newer players!

    Players recruited here are ones with good attitudes that have interests all across the board, from advanced raiders, to casuals to PVP, even pet-battling! Always seeking variety in players, Warrior Sanctum recruiters strive to bring in genuine people who like to have a good time and bring good laughs to guild chat and events.

    Move on from those big guilds where the GM's don't even know who you are. Be a part of a family that notices if you go missing and asks about your day. Message or Whisper an officer to have a brief, in-game interview and become a part of something better. A list of these recruiters are found on our Staff page.

You don't have to face Azeroth alone.